What's my Plan ?

“Those who Fail to Plan…. Plan to Fail”

This is true for a lot of us in our everyday lives, but it is also especially true in human services.

“What’s my Plan” is a ready-made. Individual and Group-based Workshop series, that supports people through the process of developing a great life plan, and then supports them in enacting this plan.

Developing your own plan for your life is a rich and rewarding experience. It is essential to being able to take back ownership of our lives and to drive the process of reclaiming our lives. Sometimes the privilege of being able to plan and drive our lives has been taken over by others.

Developing the right path for your life offers opportunities to creatively explore how you create the life you want for your future.

Using fun and interactive mediums such as sculpture, painting, journaling, music and drama, learners reconnect with their dreams and hopes and begin to explore ways of overcoming barriers and living the life you want.

This is all about being able to explore what is really important to you, what you really want to achieve and what is standing in your way. Each person is unique and their plan, barriers and ways of overcoming will reflect this uniqueness. Learners will be given resources and tools and ultimately find their own way of expressing their own plan for their life.

Please feel free to contact Helen Glover helen@enlightened.com.au if you have any questions
regarding the What’s my Plan Workshop series, including permission for use.
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