Self Righting Star®

The Self Righting Star® framework was developed by Helen Glover to examine how Recovery and Self Righting processes apply to our lives, our work, our leadership and to organisations that wish to support people to reclaim a life beyond illness, disability and adversity.

This Framework has been found useful to  many different people including people who use health and community services, their family and friends, workers who provide services, leaders, managers and whole organisations.

There are seven modules in the introductory eLearning series on The Self Righting Star®

  1. What is Self Righting
  2. The Self Righting Star® Framework
  3.  Holding Hope
  4.  Engaging my Active Sense of Self
  5.  Exercising my Ability to Respond
  6.  Making Discovery
  7. Building Connectedness

The Self Righting Star® Framework also includes four modules on the application of the SRS Framework to your life at work and at home :

  1. Self Righting in Everyday Life
  2. Self Righting in Work and Practice
  3. Self Righting in Leadership
  4. Self Righting in Organisational Life

Please feel free to contact Helen Glover if you have any questions
regarding the Self Righting Star® Framework, including permission for use.
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