Coaching and Supervision

Enlightened Consultants are recognised as Australian and international leaders in fostering the development of recovery oriented practice

(Hopeful Future, Self-Mastery, Ability to Take Control, Personal Discovery and Connectedness)

within the health and community services sector, specialising in the mental health sector.

Enlightened Consultants are proud to support workers, both those directly in these sectors and in allied endeavours, in their daily practice and leadership development. We provide ongoing professional supervision and mentoring to  peer and non-peer practitioners, team leaders and organisational leaders, assisting  them to fulfil their potential within their roles, pivot their difficulties into opportunities   and develop  their work within  their  organisational, professional and personal contexts.


We have a deep  passion in  supporting  the development of lived expertise/peer workforces and  strengthening  the speciality of  “peer ways” of working.  We have developed organisational practice supervision frameworks relevant to both peer and non-peer workforces. These frameworks have been influential in the development of Lived experience workforce frameworks at State and National levels.


We are  competent and experienced  in delivering both individual and group based supervision and coaching, either face to face or using a virtual platform.