Mentoring and Supervision

Enlightened Consultants are recognised as Australian and international leaders in the unfolding practice of recovery and life long learning in the mental health sector.

Enlightened Consultants has long recognised this, and are proud to be supporting workers, both those directly in the sector and in allied endeavours, in their daily practice.

We provide ongoing professional supervision and mentoring to  workers, practitioners, team leaders and organisational leaders to assist them to understand their roles, their responsibilities, their difficulties and their successes, in work, organisational, professional and personal contexts.


Recovery of people and organisations must not neglect the principles :

  • of not getting in the way of people in their own efforts of recovery.
  • of not using our power to dis-empower others.
  • of not offering programs and services that reinforce a person’s sense of ‘illness-ship’.
  • of not inhibiting a person’s sense of discovery and learning.