Community of Practice

As part of our personal and professional commitment to the work of the sector we host a regular Community of Practice gathering. The community of practice at Enlightened Consultants is a group of like-minded people who share a desire for growth and discovery, and are prepared to be challenged and to challenge others.

The group has evolved from a common interest in mental health, with the goal of gaining knowledge and sharing a vision of a different reality. It is through the process of sharing information, experiences and challenges that we learn from each other, become inspired and find opportunities to develop both personally and professionally.

The Community of Practice invites people to embrace the ‘mud space’ and allow ourselves to be uncomfortable, as we critically reflect on our own practice. By doing so, we become stronger in our practice, and build a solid rationale for why we do what we do. An added benefit of being in the Community of Practice are the connections and links we build with each other, and the opportunity to open our eyes to possibility and shared projects.


“Ultimately, the Community of Practice has deepened my sense of why I work the way I work, and enlivened my ways of working with people. My work is richer and my knowledge is richer, because of the opportunities to share and be challenged. I would suggest the community of practice as a gift to anyone who would like to be more connected to the meaning of their work, and for those who are questioning and are disconnected; for those who are wanting to nurture a gentle quest to go deeper, and for those whose desire is more of a raging inferno waiting to be expressed. We all have further to reach, and deserve the opportunity to hold our discomfort, and to have the space to express our challenges, fears and excitement for the future.”

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